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Nano respirators by Nano2Health


Czech breathable nano respirators for maximum protection

The Nano2Mask FFP2 respirator by Nano2Health is a highly effective respiratory protection from the family of patented Czech products, born from a cooperation between Nano2Health and NAFIGATE Park.

Respirators are defined as protective equipment designed to block particles from the surrounding environment. Depending on their type, they can filter out particles ranging from dust to microorganisms, toxic fumes, and gases. Following the epidemic outbreak in 2019 the market was lacking respirators which could block really small particles such as viruses. People used (and sadly still use) mainly respirators made from nonwoven meltblown fabric, intended primarily to filter out dust particles which are multiple times larger than viruses and bacteria.  Such respirators rely on the presence of electrostatic charge which repels microorganisms. However, this charge degrades quickly when the product is stored for a long time and, particularly, when it is exposed to humidity generated by the user’s breathing – the material may become damp within the first few minutes of wear. The filtration efficiency thus drops significantly after several minutes, as does the protection and comfort of the wearer.

Nano respirators by Nano2Health, on the other hand, maintain their filtration efficiency even after the material becomes damp. The protection they provide does not rely on electrostatics, but on mechanical mesh. This mesh is made from polymer fibres of natural origin which are woven together according to a patented system using the nanospider technology, a revolutionary Czech invention. The holes in the nanofabric are so small that they do not let through even the smallest known viruses including the dangerous virus from Wu-chan and its mutations, which are approximately 80 to 120 nm in size. Nano respirators by Nano2Health are also reinforced with a lamination layer, protecting the filtration nanomembrane against mechanical damage caused by rough handling. Furthermore, the nanomembrane is excellently breathable. The level of protection and user comfort is thus incomparably higher than with regular respirators.

Nano2Mask FFP2 

Filters out 99% of particles 80–130 nm or more in size.
Retains its filtration efficiency for up to 24 hours.
2–3 times more breathable than regular respirators.


Nano2Mask FFP2 is a highly effective respiratory protection from the family of patented Czech products, born from a cooperation between Nano2Health and NAFIGATE Park.


In terms of filtration efficiency, the performance characteristics of the Nano2Mask FFP2 are equivalent to those of FFP3 respirators. The Nano2Health nanofibre respirator filters out up to 99% of particles equivalent to COVID-19 in size (80-120 nm). It may be worn for 12–24 hours, and even used repeatedly if needed. Moreover, unlike other nano respirators the Nano2Mask FFP2 is manufactured using patented mechanical lamination. The lamination layer reinforces the nano fabric, boosting its excellent filtration performance and at the same time protecting it from damage caused by normal handling. The Nano2Mask FFP2 is also excellently breathable – twice the level stipulated by the applicable norms.

  • Filters out 99% of viruses and bacteria 80-130 nm or more in size

  • Excellent breathability: 120 Pa/95 l/min

  • Dermatologically tested

  • Free from chemicals and nano particles

  • Retains its filtration efficiency for up to 24 hours, reusable

  • Developed in the Czech Republic with the help of top nanotechnology experts

  • Protects the wearer as well as the people around him/her

  • Suitable for repeated washing and disinfecting

  • Optimised for the FFP2 class as defined in EN149: 2001 + A1: 2009


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