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Nanofibre adhesive bandages by Nano2Health

In cooperation with our partners from Nano Medical we are gradually launching revolutionary adhesive bandages which substantially accelerate wound healing, help to stop bleeding faster, and consistently prevent penetration of dangerous particles and bacteria into the wound. Our ultimate objective is to offer healing nanofibre bandages not only to end users via pharmacies, but also to hospital patients who may be treated with this patented technology in case of burns and other injuries requiring special care.



Nano2Health Fast and Scarless

Helps to heal wounds up to three times faster. Prevents unsightly scars. Water-resistant and biodegradable material.


Born from the cooperation between Nano2Health and Nano Medical, a nanotechnology company based in the town of Liberec, the innovative Fast&Scarless nanofibre adhesive bandage is a revolutionary certified product designed for at-home treatment of wounds. The bandage features a thin nanofibre layer of fungi-derived chitosan. The healing nanofibre membrane, which simulates the structure of human tissue, contributes to a faster and evenly distributed generation of cells. Furthermore, chitosan is valued for its antibacterial effects, biodegradability, and resemblance to human tissue. Thanks to the patented solution the active substance is released into the wound gradually, thus facilitating the healing process.


  • Revolutionary patented technology developed by Czech scientists

  • Helps to heal wounds up to three times faster

  • Painless treatment thanks to the biodegradable material

  • Dermatologically tested

  • Water-resistant

  • Prevents unsightly scarring

  • Economical and environmentally friendly solution


More detailed information, including customer references, is available here.

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