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Tailor made cooperation

We offer cooperation in the development of new solutions and products based on nonwovens, nanofibers and nanomembranes.

Our R&D ecosystem in the field of nanofibers consists of universities (Technical University
Liberec & Jan Evangelista Purkyně University), innovative companies (e.g., Nafigate Park,
Elmarco, Nano Medical) and companies from the energy, health, water and waste management, automotive, airspace sectors, as well as emerging hydrogen economy companies.

Typically, these are:
  • Filtration of nanoparticles in air and water (capture of harmful nanoparticles, reduction of emissions and imissions, capture of harmful metabolites such as residues of antibiotics, steroids or contraceptives from drinking water, etc.)

  • Development of biodegradable fabrics for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries

  • Filters for air conditioners (cars, buildings, airplanes)

  • Filtration of flue gases from heating plants and coal-fired power plants

  • Filters for highway and city tunnel exhausts

  • Filters for water treatment

  • Development of nonwoven materials to replace Teflon and other fluorine-containing materials

  • Development of antimicrobially active nanofabric with bacteriostatic effect

  • Development of a degradable nanofibre material suitable for hearing protection (earplugs or protective headphones) and noise attenuation both indoors and outdoors. These solutions are developed as a passive solution and as an active version with electronic elements. 

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