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What are cookies?

You can think of cookies as a small amount of data. This data is sent to the page you are viewing in your browser and saves it. Each time you visit the site, it sends them back and receives new ones. This way, a specific page can remember you, know what you have visited it in the past, and also know what parts of the site you were interested in last time. Cookies used on the website.


We use three types of cookies on our website:

● Basic - we need these cookies for the basic functionality of our website.

● Analytical - thanks to them we find out how you navigate our website and what interests you. This allows us to tune the site so that the path to the information you are looking for, is as short and convenient as possible.

● Remarketing - These allow us to personalize and target our ads. Just to serve you relevant advertising.

Google Ads

Cookies soubory reklamního systému společnosti Google, používáme je pro zobrazování reklam ve vyhledávačích i obsahové síti


Stejně jako pracuje Google, pracuje i reklamní systém Seznamu s cookies.


Díky Cookies Facebook umožňuje měřit, optimalizovat a vytvářer publikum k relevantním kampaním

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