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About us

We are a new, innovation-driven company operating in the nanofibre research and development ecosystem. Our expertise builds on years of experience and unique technology processes of our partners – Czech nanotechnology companies and scientists from Czech universities. We use the potential of nanofibres and all stakeholders to develop revolutionary products and solutions designed to help protect the health of humans as well as our planet. 


Recently we have been focusing on the exceptional filtration characteristics of nanofibre fabrics, developing premium nanofibre face masks and respirators. Our experts are also developing interior filters that would provide clean and safe environment, which is important to support and maintain human health. Other areas we explore include water filtration and the development and production of biodegradable adhesive bandages which use nanostructures to optimise wound healing. 

We are constantly innovating and extending our product portfolio in order to satisfy even the most demanding customers and meet their requirements in terms of quality and economic optimisation. Tirelessly, we are searching for new ways to minimise our impact on the environment and maximise sustainability. 

The indisputable position of the Czech nanotechnology industry as a global leader, along with our long-term business experience and innovative spirit of our colleagues, help us to reach beyond the Czech market and present the benefits of nanomaterials to more and more people who want to actively participate in the nano revolution. Choosing to approach global problems as a challenge, we keenly welcome joint projects on which we can cooperate with our existing as well as new partners who wish to utilise nanotechnology for their solutions. 

Nano2Health was established in 2020 as a reaction to the pandemic crisis. The founders and driving force behind the company are Jiří Stich, innovator and manager, and Jaroslav Kašický, owner of a high-end fashion house. Watch this short video to find out how and why this seemingly incongruous partnership came into existence. 

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