The world is made up of atoms, innovation of nanofibers

You will not stop the progress, become a part of it with us

The nano-fibre is so small and light that just a little more than a gram of it would wrap the Earth around the equator.

40 075 km = Earth



Our products 

AirPro, FreshIIR

and Green

Nano masks

Cutting-edge Czech nano masks in which you can breathe freely.



Nanofibre bandages

A Czech highly effective nanopatch with chitosan helping rapid healing of wounds.


Nano respirator FFP2

Nano respirators

Czech breathable nano respirators for maximum protection against viruses and bacteria


NanoCleaner, Nano2HEPA

Nano2Clean Air Filtr

Air filtration solutions

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Nano2Health Green
  • Ultra lightweight material

  • The amount of material used is optimised to achieve the lowest possible carbon footprint

  • Exceptionally high filtration efficiency


About us

We are a new, innovation-driven company operating in the nanofibre research and development ecosystem. Our expertise builds on years of experience and unique technology processes of our partners – Czech nanotechnology companies and scientists from Czech universities. We use the potential of nanofibres and all stakeholders to develop revolutionary products and solutions designed to help protect the health of humans as well as our planet. 

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