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Nanovia Mask 99,97

Highly permeable nanofiber mask blocking 99.97% of viruses and bacterias. Certified according to EN 14683, tested in Nelson Laboratory (USA)


99,97 %
100 nm 

Protection from all 
airborne viruses, 
bacteria and particles 
of the size of 100nm


12—24h functional

The nanofiber coated 
material is fully 
functional for 
a minimum of 12hours

31 Pa


Because of the nanofiber we achieve the required high breathability at the resistance in Pa at 30 l/min

Nanovia Mask 99,97 is manufactured solely in the Czech Republic in European Union. This cycle begins with the production of a unique nano material, using innovative technology, and ends with the finalized product itself. 
Nanovia Mask 99,97 is a very light, thin disposable face mask approved as a protective device that can be used for between 12—24 hours. It is the ideal solution for every day use. 
The fabric of Nanovia Mask 99,97 is a 4-layer sandwich, of which the middle layer has a nanofiber structure. It is one of the most technologically advanced materials currently available.
It delivers high filtration efficiency, moisture permeability, along with breathability and very high comfortability while wearing.

Why and exactly due to which properties is the Nanovia Mask 99,97 so specific?

Primarily, it is the high density of nano-fibres laminated on the filtration layer of the mask. The fibre density is substantially higher then the one of a standard masks. Besides the bacterial retention, this on top provides a physical retention of viruses which are of much smaller size compared to bacteria.

Yet another differentiator is the average thickness of nano-fibre that ranges from 50 to 80 nm. An average thickness of a human hair ranges from 42.000 to 95.000 nm in comparison.

How does the size of a virus compare to the one of a bacteria?
The size of the viral particles range from 20 to 300 nm. Particularly, the corona-virus size is quoted to be 100 to 140nm. In comparison, the size of bacteria is much larger ranging between 300 to 10.000 nm. Nanovia Mask 99,97 provides protection from all airborne viruses, bacteria and particles of the size of 100 nm.


The nanofiber coated material is fully functional for a minimum of 12hours

The filter layer made of nanofibers represents a mechanical barrier against the penetration of viruses, bacteria and small solid particles. Its filtration function is more stable and long-lasting, compared to conventional medical masks. Filtration in standard drapes works on the principle of electrostatic charge, which "attracts" dirt and prevents them from penetrating through the mask. With gradual wetting, exhalation of water vapor, the effectiveness of a conventional mask gradually decreases (loss of electrostatic charge). Nanovia Mask 99.97 provides at least 12 hours of protection, with full filter efficiency.

Nano2Health N2H is fully functional for 12 hours

Certified according to EN 14683, tested in Nelson Laboratory (USA)

Tests of materials used in masks and filters have been conducted in Nelson Laboratory (USA). Filtration efficiency of 99,97% is confirmed.

  • test VFE – Viral Filtration Efficiency – testing the degree of resistance of the material to virus penetration

  • test BFE – Bacterial Filtration Efficiency – test similar to VFE, with the difference of  looking at the degree of resistance of the material to the bacterial penetration, which are in general larger than viruses. 

  • test PFE – Particle Filtration Efficiency – evaluates the filtration efficiency of particle filtration (smog, dust).


About us

  • We are a new inovative company located in Prague

  • We are a part of the R&D ecosystem in the field of nanofibers

  • Our nanofabrics are made by unique processes, which are protected by patents and utility models

  • Czech Republic is a global leader in nanotechnologies – we are proud of that


Our goal is to produce a premium product with maximum protection

Four co-owners with different knowledge, but a strong business experiences

  • Delor International -  make to measure expertise and customer servis solution with 30 years of experience, professing the motto "the best to the best„

  • Solutions and Services – the services company of Veolia Czech Republic and Eastern Europe

  • Leon Taurus – transfer of innovations, new technology advisor

  • RedMan Solutions – marketing expert, business development


We want to protect especially the most endangered

  • First line workers

  • Critical infrastructure staff

  • The most vulnerable groups of the population

  • Anyone who cares about his health


Jiri Stich

Authorised Officer & co-founder


Jaroslav Kasicky

CEO & co-founder

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